Institute Reaccreditation

Guideline for Institute Reaccreditation

  • Eligibility Criteria for reaccreditation: from 2017
    • Institutes need to get re-accredited every three years by submitting a formal application
    • There should be at least one IDCCM candidate pass out in last three years for Institute to be re-accredited.
    • It is expected there is atleast one IDCCM candidate recruited every two years for an Institute to be re-accredited.
    • If there is any concern expressed on any Institute by any of their trainees in three years, re-inspection will be requested for re-accreditation.
    • If an Institute fails to apply for re-accreditation in stipulated time frame given, recognition of an Institute for IDCCM/IFCCM training subsequently stand cancelled. New application has to be submitted for any consideration of re-accreditation later.
    • From 2020 an institute will be reaccredited only if they have two eligible teachers. If any teacher leaves, one year period will be given to the institution to appoint a new teacher from the time the previous teacher has left the institute.