Teacher Accreditation

Guideline for Teacher Accreditation

  • Eligibility Criteria for Teachers accreditation:2017
    • In order to be able to impart a high quality of training to candidates the teacher must fulfil the following minimum requirements.
    • A post graduate qualification MD, MS, MCI recognised from a MCI recognized university with at least 8 years post qualification experience in critical care medicine in a recognized major hospital.
    • Post Diploma holders, DA (Diploma in Anaesthesia) or DTCD (Diploma in TB and Chest Diseases), teacher is expected to have 10 years experience.
    • The teacher should have formal qualification in Intensive Care which can be any one or more of them: IDCCM, IFCCM, FICCM, FNB - Critical Care, DM - Critical Care or equivalent qualification from Australia (FCICM), USA (AB Critical Care), U.K or Canada. These qualifications obtained anytime within 8yrs post MD will fulfil the criteria to be a teacher from 2017 onwards.
    • Teacher should be working full time in an institute to be considered as a teacher for the ISCCM course.
    • To be an IFCCM teacher it is expected for the Teacher to have at least two original articles publications in peer reviewed journal and IDCCM teacher should have atleast 5 publications in peer reviewed journals.
    • Teacher application will be considered along with an Institute application. Teacher accreditation in isolation independent of Institute accreditation is not allowed ( except for additional teacher from an accredited institute)
    • They must devote at least 50% of their professional time by being available to the care of critically ill patients.
    • After a teacher has left an institute he cannot take a new student in another institute for one year from the time of leaving the previous institute.