• Education Committee: The Board of members may, by resolution adopted by a majority of the members
     then in office, create education committee to serve for two years.
  • The Credentials Committee: The Credentials Committee is composed of 6 members including a chair,
     vice-chair and four members. . The committee’s charge is analyzing all applications for Fellowship and
     recommending a course of action for each applicant to the Board. The credential committee will also
     decide about the election of vice chancellor and chancellor.
  • The Finance Committee The Vice-Chancellor will be responsible for analyzing and reporting the financial
     trends of the College at each face-to-face meeting and to review the budget. An ad hoc group can be
     convened should the need arise.

SECTION 2 - Appointments
  • Committee appointments shall be made by the Chancellor and confirmed by the Board. Appointments to
     committees shall be for two years.

SECTION 3 - Reporting
  • Committees shall report to the Board of members at intervals specified by the Chancellor, who may also
     request reports at other times when the Board of members deems it necessary.