College Board

College Board

SECTION 1 - Authority and Duties

  • The affairs and business of the College shall be managed by the college board.
  • The College shall be responsible for its own internal organization and for the distribution of funds approved
    by executive committee of ISCCM
  • Official correspondence of the College shall be conducted through the Society.
  • The Chancellor of the Board of the Indian College of Critical Care Medicine shall be selected by credential
    committee. In the event that The Chancellor is unable to attend a Board meeting, he/she shall designate
    vice chancellor or a Chairman Education committee to represent him/her.

Responsibility of chancellor:

  • Be responsible for maintaining communication within the College.
  • Shall report on the activities of the College to the board and to the Membership at the society's annual
    business meeting
  • Shall coordinate with chairman and secretaries of education committee for the IDCC and IFCC and other

SECTION 2 - Number and Classes

The members of the Board shall be the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, the Past Chancellor, chairman and Coordinators of education committee and secretary of the college who shall serve on the board for the duration of their term of office, and 3(three) additional elected members whose terms of office are staggered and will expire at the end of the 2nd Annual Business Meeting after election..President and President elect would also be nominated member of the board .The secretary of college could be one of the education coordinators.

SECTION 3 - Nomination and Election

  • Nominating Committee – A nominating committee shall be appointed by the Chancellor to prepare a list of
    candidates after their written approval for elections to the board prior to the Annual Meeting of the College.
  • Additional Nominations – Additional nominations may be made by written petition, signed by ten (10)
    Fellows in good standing and filed in the College’s office thirty (30) days prior to the interim meeting of the
    council. Members shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast electronically or by written ballot prior to the
    annual meeting, this will be among the member and fellows of the college.