ISCCM Day - 9th OCTOBER 2011
Contact for Details:
ISCCM Day Celebration National Co-ordinators

Dr Manish Munjal 09829062550

Dr. Sunit Singhi 09417089782

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Branch Activities Organised
DELHI and NCR: Saturday 8th October 2011
Dr.Brig Gupta Fortis - Faridabad
Dr. G C Khilnani AIIMS
Dr. Manoj Goel Delhi Heart & Lunt Institute
Dr. Mrinal Sircar Fortis - Noida
Dr. Omender Singh MAX - Saket
Dr.Pankaj Kumar Fortis - Shalimar Bagh
Dr.Prakash Shastri Ganga Ram Hospital
Dr.Praveen Khilnani B L Kapoor Hospital
Dr. R K Mani Artemis - Gurgaon
Dr.Rajesh Chawla Apollo Hospital
Dr. Rajiv Uttam MAX -Patparganj
Dr.Suninder S Arora Batra Hospital
Dr.Sandeep Dewan Escorts - Okhla
Dr. Vivek Nangia Fortis - Vasant Kunj 
Dr.Yatin Mehta Medanta Medicity -Gurgaon
Agra: Sunday 9th October 2011
Org. Secretary Dr. Ranvir S Tyagi 09837047812
Org. Secretary Dr. Rakesh Tyagi 09837270140
Scientific Secretary Dr. Diptimala Agarwal 09837091030
Programme Details
  1. ISCCM Agra branch is Celebrating ISCCM Day 2011 with theme “WAR AGAINST SESPSIS “on 9th Oct 2011. It has planned to organize the ISCCM Day at Pushpanjali and Ram Raghu Hospital, Agra with Pamphlet distribution and poster presentation to Media & Public. Besides this, a short lecture for its consultants and Nursing staff also will be given.
MUMBAI: Saturday 8th October 2011
Venue: Pritam Dhabha,Dadar, Mumbai        Timings: 6.00.P.M to 9.30 P.M
Chairman Dr. Charu Jani 09892800883
Secretary Dr. Anuj Clerk 09769487278
Programme Details
  1. Poster Presentation and Judges round
  2. About ISCCM
  3. Lecture and Panel discussion on “War against sepsis”
NAGPUR: Saturday 8th October 2011 & Sunday 9th October 2011
Hon. Secretary - ISCCM, Nagpur Dr. Deepak Jeswani
Programme Details
  1. 8th Oct 2011 : Local Radio and Local TV interview of ISCCM , Nagpur office bearers for creating awareness on war against sepsis for common people.
  2. 9th Oct 2011- Morning : Set up small stalls with Posters and distribution of Handouts and leaflets.
  3. 9th Oct 2011- Evening : Awareness programme on Sepsis for General practioners.
JAIPUR: Saturday 8th October 2011
Venue: Shubh Hospital, Jaipur
Dr. Sudhir Khunteta 09829051529
Programme Details
  1. Poster presentation and pamphlet distribution to public.
  2. Short lectures in public in small groups and PowerPoint presentation to our consultants and nursing staff.
Patna: Sunday 9th October 2011
Chairman - ISCCM Patna Dr. V K Thakur 09835212540
Programme Details
  1. Lecture on "War against sepsis" on 9th October 2011 8 pm - 10pm by Dr. V K Thakur.
  2. Public awareness camps and poster presentations at following hospitals during the day :- Kurji Holy Family Hospital, IGIMS, Patna Medical college, Nalanda Medical College, Sahyog Hospital, Jagdish Memorial Hospital, Magadh Hospital, Rajeshwar Hospital, HMRI
BHUBANESHWAR: Sunday 9th October 2011 [ Evening ]
Venue : IMA Institute, Bhubaneswar.
Chairman - ISCCM, Bhubaneshwar Dr. Samir Sahu 9437005552
Programme Details
  1. Meeting for the members of IMA Bhubaneswar branch & doctors of Capital Hospital (local government hospital) to bring about awareness about SEPSIS amongst the primary physicians.
CHENNAI: Saturday 8th October 2011 & Tuesday 11th October 2011
Chairman - ISCCM, Chennai Dr. N.Ramakrishnan 09840855115
Programme Details
  1. Educational session for Patient families at Apollo Main Hospitals on October 8, 2011 with distribution of ISCCM educational brochures.
  2. "War against Sepsis" - Lecture by Dr. Ramesh Venkataraman & Dr. R.Senthilkumar, Apollo Main Hospital Auditorium, October 11, 2011 (Tuesday)
CHANDIGARH: Friday 7th October 2011 To Monday 10th October 2011
Dr. Sunit Singhi 09872898900
Programme Details
  1. Formal launch of the branch.
  2. Educational session for General Practitioners and PGs on October 7,2011 ( talks by Dr Jayashree and Dr Ashish Bhalla, Chair- Prof S Varma,HOD, Internal Medicine, PGIMER)
  3. Press conference on 7th Oct for News papers coverage on 8th Oct/9th Oct
  4. Public education and distribution of ISCCM educational brochures on 8th Oct
  5. "War against Sepsis" - Quiz for Ped residents on 1st Oct and for Medicine , Surgery PGs and General Practitioners on 9th Oct
  6. Phone in programme on AIR, already recorded, to be broadcasted on 10th October
BANGALORE : Saturday 8th October 2011
Venue : Hotel Atria                Timings: 19.00 hours
President - ISCCM, Bangalore Dr. Ajith Kumar
Secretary - ISCCM,  Bangalore Dr. Pradeep Rangappa 09611700888
Treasurer - ISCCM, Bangalore Dr. Sunil Karanth
Programme Details
  1. Early recognition and pathophysiology: Dr Ajith Kumar.
  2. Management of severe sepsis in practice: Dr Sriram Sampath
  3. Meeting to be followed by dinner - courtesy Sanofii-Aventis
VARANASI : Sunday 9th October 2011
Venue : Auditorium, IMA building Speaker : Dr. Ankit Agarwal
President-ISCCM, Varanasi Dr. D K Singh 9415201218
Programme Details
  1. In reference to ISCCMs theme "War against sepsis", Varnasi branch has distributed the academic material with IMA, Varanasi branch for wide circulation and for arranging of lectures. The IMA, Varanasi branch is a large body comprising of general practitioners besides anesthesiologists,physicians, surgeons and critical care specialists.
Jamshedpur : Sunday 9th October 2011
Venue : Hotel Sonnet, Bistupur           Timings : 12 noon
Secretary - ISCCM Jamshedpur Dr Koshy Varghese 08092099753
Programme Details
  1. Speaker:Dr.K.Varghese
    Topic : Etiology and Pathophysiology of Sepsis
  2. Speaker: Dr. R. Shukla
    Topic : Surviving Sepsis Guidelines
  3. Speaker : Dr. B. Panigrahi
    Topic : Status evaluation in CCU
  4. The meeting shall be followed by lunch.
Rajkot : Sunday 9th October 2011
Chairman - ISCCM Rajkot Dr. Sankalp Vanzara 9824459695
Programme Details
  1. ISCCM Rajkot branch is celebrating ISCCM day on 9th October 2011 by keeping posters in major hospitals and creating awareness about Sepsis in paramedical staff and also about ISCCM and its activities.
Lucknow : Sunday 9th October 2011
Secretary Dr. Manu Pathak 9415418680
Programme Details
  1. ISCCM Lucknow branch will be conducting the CME on the topic, War on sepsis, in the seminar hall of Dept.of CCM, SGPGI from 9 am onwards.
Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine calls for action to improve awareness on sepsis
Did you know?
  • Tens of millions of people die from sepsis each year worldwide
  • Sepsis cause more deaths per year than cancer and AIDS combined
  • Sepsis may lead to multiple organ failure very rapidly and be fatal
  • Early and appropriate medical treatment can improve outcome
  • Patients who develop signs of sepsis need to be treated as a real medical emergency, just like stroke, heart attack or trauma
  • Thousands of lives can be saved if sepsis was simply treated as the medical emergency it is
  • “Time is Life” and awareness on early care during the ‘golden hour’ can save lives
Delay in diagnosis and management is mainly responsible for high death rate of children and adults suffering from severe sepsis.
What is Sepsis

Sepsis is defined as the body’s response to an infection. An infection is caused by microorganisms or “germs” (usually bacteria) and can be limited to a particular body region (e.g., wound infection, throat infection) or generalized (e.g., typhoid fever and Malaria).The body response can be mild or overwhelming.

Sepsis occurs when the body's normal reaction to an infection goes into overdrive. Infection-fighting chemicals released into the body cause widespread inflammation. This creates tiny blood clots that block nutrients and oxygen from the organs, causing them to fail.

Who is at Risk?
Everybody is at potential risk of developing minor sepsis from infections (e.g., ‘flu, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, etc.). However, severe sepsis is more likely to develop in:
  • Children and elderly
  • Those with poor immunity to genetic factors
  • Those who have a weakened (“Compromised”) immune systems due to diabetes, treatments such as cancer chemotherapy, steroids or after transplantation
  • Individuals addicted to alcohol, nicotine or other ‘drugs’
  • Hospitalized patients who have external catheters and drains