Guidelines for Research Grant

ISCCM Research committee invites application for Research Grants on Clinical and Basic Science projects relevant to critical care

The proposal with letter of intent (LOI) should be submitted to research committee at .The LOI should be submitted at least a month before the review date . The Grant review committee will review the proposals three times a year March/July/November of each year .The person submitting the proposal should be an ISCCM Life member .The manuscript should be initially submitted to IJCCM and acknowledge ISCCM grant . The grant amount will be subject to fund availability.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) should contain the following

i. Project Name

ii. Name, affiliation, and complete address (including e-mail, phone and fax numbers) of the principal investigator

iii. Team composition

iv. Justification of the study, and a very brief summary of the related work from the literature, and an assessment of the feasibility of the proposed activity

v. Objectives

vi. Brief description of the proposed methodologies (study area, target population, study design, sample size and sampling, data collection, data analysis, etc.)

vii. Ethical issues

viii. Expected results, challenges, and potential contribution of the project as a value addition to critical care

ix. Timetable

x. Budget

xi. Short Curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator

Research Committee