Circular No. 1/2019

Election of Office Bearers and Members of the Executive Committee for 2020-2021

Election of Office Bearers of the Executive Committee for 2020-2021. Members are hereby informed that the following members will complete their tenure on Executive Committee in AGM 2020.

One President
Dr. Subhal Dixit

One Vice President
Dr. Susruta Bandyopadhyay

One General Secretary
Dr. Rajesh Chandra Mishra

One General Secretary Elect
Dr. Srinivas Samavedam

Four Executive Committee Members
Dr. Kapil Borawake
Dr. Ganshyam Jagathkar
Dr. Anirban Hom Choudhuri
Dr. Sachin Gupta

Zone members
Dr. Deven Juneja
Dr. Bharat Jagiasi
Dr. Sauren Panja
Dr. Raghunath Aladakatti
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tyagi

Dr. Subhal Dixit will remain in the Executive committee as Past President for one year and Dr. Srinivas Samavedam will also remain in the Executive committee as General Secretary.

For the year 2020-2021 elections will hold for the following office bearers and elected members of the Executive Committee and hence nominations are invited for them.

  • One (1) President Elect
  • Three (3) Vice Presidents (NOT more than TWO from the same zone.)
  • One (1) General Secretary Elect.
  • Eleven (11) Executive Committee Elected Members
    Maximum: 3 Executive Committee members from each zone ( Current Vacant Post – West Zone - 2, North Zone - 2, South Zone - 2,East Zone - 2,Central Zone -3)
    • 4.1 Eligibility
        • 4.1.1 a For the post of PRESIDENT - ELECT :
          • The Candidate should have been elected and not nominated for 6 (six years) in National Executive Committee and either served as Vice President / Vice Chancellor / General Secretary/ Treasurer. Only exemption will be to those members who have completed 8 years in Executive Committee before 2018. And He /She should also be a fellow of ICCM.
            Elected 4 years in National EC and served as Vice President /General Secretary / Treasurer / Vice Chancellor of ICCM and Chairperson of the local branch for 2 years and also should be Fellow of the ICCM. The centre and local posts should not be running concurrently.
        • 4.1.1 b VICE-PRESIDENTS :
          • The candidate should have been elected and not nominated for 4 (four) years as follows: on the National Executive Committee for a minimum of 2 (two) terms i. e. total 4 (four) years in the National Executive Committee
            1 (one) term of 2 (two) years in National Executive Committee and 1 term of two years as a City Chairman/ Secretary city branch, the both local and national terms not running concurrently.
        • 4.1.1 c General Secretary-Elect:
          • The candidate should have been elected and not nominated for 4 (four) years as follows; on the National Executive Committee for a minimum of 2 (two) terms i. e. total 4 (four) years in the National Executive Committee
            1 (one) term of 2 (two) years in National Executive Committee and 1 term of two years as Chairman/ Secretary city branch, both local and national terms not running concurrently.
      • 4.1.2 For Elected Member, membership of the Society for at least 5 year is mandatory. For re-eligibility to contest election for any post on the National Executive Committee the candidate must have attended at least 2 (two) out of the last 4 (four) Executive Committee Meetings held in both years of his/her previous term. In case of such absence the member shall not be eligible to contest elections for one term (i.e. two years) and can contest after this term is over.
        • For eligibility to contest election for the post of President-Elect, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary - Elect or Treasurer on the National Executive Committee the candidate must have attended at least 3 (three) Executive Committee Meetings out of the 4 (four) last Executive Committee Meetings held in the term that he/she had served on the National Executive Committee.
      • 4.1.3 No member shall be eligible to seek election for more than 2 tenures as Vice-President, General Secretary-Elect, Treasurer, or Elected Member of the Executive Committee.
        • The term for President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, General Secretary, General Secretary Elect and Joint secretary is one year. Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Executive Committee members is for two years.
      • 4.1.4 The President/President-Elect shall NOT seek election for any position in the Executive Committee after completing his / her tenure. However he / she can be nominated on the executive committee as may be decided by the Executive Committee provided his tenure in the EC does not exceed 15 years, except the Editor, IJCCM.
      • 4.1.5 A member shall NOT contest simultaneously for more than one post (Including Society and College).
      • 4.1.6 No member except the president shall be on the executive committee for more than eight years regardless of elected posts held in the EC. After completing 8 years in the EC, the member can contest only for the post of President Elect. Thus the president shall remain on the EC for 11 years i.e. 8 years as EC member and 1 year each as President elect, President and Immediate Past President. Co-opted and nominated posts will not be counted in the 8 years. Apart from this only Editor of IJCCM & Chairman Credentials committee may be nominated after completing 11 years on EC. Total tenure in the EC for any member shall not be more than 15 years in any capacity henceforth. The tenure of Vice Chancellor will be one year. Tenure of Editor IJCCM and the Chairman of Credentials Committee/Research committee / Guidelines Committee shall be fixed at 3 Years.
        • Canvassing is allowed with following instructions.
          • 1) No canvassing during national or regional or local or institutional conferences, CME, workshops, conclave etc. from declaration of election to declaration of results. (15 th May to 30th June)
          • 2) No canvassing with standees, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, or through pharma companies or through their representatives.
          • 3) Candidates can use social media for canvassing.
          • 4) If someone found guilty, he/she will be debarred from ISCCM election process for life time at local as well national level.
          • The nomination paper which shall set out the candidate’s name, address and the office for which the candidate is nominated, shall be proposed by one valid life member and seconded by another life member duly signed by the candidate, signifying his/her willingness to stand for the election and to serve on the Executive Committee if elected. There shall be a separate nomination paper for each candidate, and for each post. These nominations must reach the General Secretary not later than 01st June by 4.00 PM. For every post, the nomination paper must be accompanied by a sum of Rs. 11,800/- (Rupees Eleven thousand eight hundred only) in favour of “Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine” non refundable from a candidate, in the form of a demand draft / NEFT payable at Mumbai. A nomination paper not accompanied by a Bank Draft of Rs.11800/- (Rupees Eleven thousand eight hundred only) shall be deemed invalid. A short bio-data not exceeding one page (A4 size paper), may accompany the nomination if desired or it can also be sent as soft copy.

            After announcement of elections - the proceeding will be taken over by the election commissioner. All nominations will be received by the election Commissioner. The Election commission shall inform BY EMAIL the contesting candidate of all the nominations received for the post they are contesting, and if any one wishes to withdraw his / her nomination, he/she should inform Election commissioner in writing or from the official e- mail address (i.e. registered with ISCCM headquarters previously) on or before the 10TH of June. No office bearer of ISCCM EC will indulge in any manner in the Election process.

            Please NOTE;
            Members are requested to send their nominations form:
            The Election Commissioner,
            Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine,
            Unit No. 13 & 14, first floor,
            Hind Services Industries Premises Co-op Society,
            Near Chaitya Bhoomi,Off Veer Savarkar Marg,
            Dadar, Mumbai – 400 028

            After sending the nomination form with all relevant documents, Candidates are requested to confirm from the office regarding their application and office will inform the candidate regarding nominations received in office.

            General Secretary ISCCM


Last date to receive the nominations at ISCCM Office 01st June 2019 by 4.00 PM.
Date of Declaration of valid candidates per posts 02 nd June or 3 rd June 2019
Last date for withdrawals 10 th June 2019 by 4.00 P.M
Start of voting and end of voting The date of online web based election will be last week of June from 08.00 hrs on Monday, 24th June 2019 to Friday, 28th June 2019 1700 hrs
Declaration of results The declared elections results shall be posted on website directly by Election Commission and communicated to individual candidates, after approval from President