ISCCM Elections 2019 - Results

The following members have been elected to the ISCCM Executive Committee after declaration of results by Election Commissioner:-

President - Elect

Dr. Deepak Govil, New Delhi

Membership Id : 00/G-90

(Elected Unopposed)

Vice President

Dr. Pradeep Rangappa, Bangalore

Membership Id : 06/R-225

(Elected Unopposed)

Dr. D K Singh, Ranchi

Membership Id : 07/S-546

(Elected Unopposed)

Dr. Ranvir Singh Tyagi, Agra

Membership Id : 01/T-61

(Elected Unopposed)

General Secretary - Elect

Dr. Arindam Kar, Kolkata

Membership Id : 09/K-415

Executive Committee Members

Dr. Kapil Borawake, Pune

Membership Id : 10/B-352

Dr. Deven Juneja, New Delhi

Membership Id : 07/J-193

Dr. Ritesh Shah, Baroda

Membership Id : 02/S-314

Dr. Anirban Hom Choudhuri, Delhi

Membership Id : 08/C-177

Dr. Pankaj Anand, Jaipur

Membership Id : 01/A-83

(Elected Unopposed)

Dr. Mohan Gurjar, Lucknow

Membership Id : 06/G-250

(Elected Unopposed)

Dr. Ganshyam Jagathkar, Secunderabad

Membership Id : 08/J-209

(Elected Unopposed)

Dr. Lalit Singh, Bareilly

Membership Id : 06/S-525

(Elected Unopposed)

Election Committee

Dr. Kapil Zirpe

Chief Election Commissioner

Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry


Dr. Mohan Mathew


Dr. Ajoy Sarkar


Dr. Manish Munjal