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The following members data (email id /mobile number /email id & mobile number ) is not complete in ISCCM membership database. They are requested to provide there said details to ISCCM office. Members can update their details online or emailing scanned copy of contact details update form to membership@isccm.org

For any assistant require please you may contact Miss Supriya Kamble 022-2444737

Name Membership No Email Address Mobile Number City
1 Dr Anil Mane 00/M-123 Uran
2 Dr Sangeeta Joshi 00/J-76 joshisangeeta@hotmail.com Kolhapur
3 Dr Monica Himatsinghani 00/H-18 Mumbai
4 Dr Kripasindhu Gantait 00/G-94 Midnapore
5 Dr Rajendra More 00/M-122 Pune
6 Dr Shailesh Chavan 00/C-78 shailesh_chavan@hotmail.com Mumbai
7 Dr Nitin Rajeghatge 00/R-107 Mumbai
8 Dr Arvind Garg 00/G-91 Noida
9 Dr Rita Singh 00/S-219 Bhopal
10 Dr Sanjeev Chaudhary 00/C-77 Nagpur
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