Waiver of Workshops for IDCCM & CTCCM Exam going students.
The students who will be appearing for the IDCCM exam on 20th August 2022 and CTCCM exam on 16th September 2022 have been given a one-time waiver for mandatory workshops of Airway and ACLS. These workshops will remain mandatory for the students appearing after the above-mentioned dates. Kindly note that the 4C course will remain mandatory for all students applying for the exam.

ISCCM engages in various educational related initiatives in field of Critical Care Medicine. Take a look at some of our activities.

The sole aim of these training programs is to enhance the skills of care providers who are working in the field of Critical Care Medicine so that patient care can be standardized and good quality care can be provided to patients. These courses are not recognized by Medical Council of India.

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