Pediatric Section Activities

Since foundation in year 2000 as a part of ISCCM, pediatric section has come a long way. Main goal of pediatric section is to promote the rapidly growing field of pediatric critical care, as well as to continue to upgrade the level of pediatric critical care in India.

Pediatric intensive care Training activities

A combined ISCCM, IAP fellowship in coordination with IAP intensive care chapter has been developed with an established curriculum and training at the inspected and approved PICUs all over the country by the academic council..

  • 1st exam was in Surat2003
  • 2nd in Kanpur2004
  • 3rd in pune 2005
  • 4th in bangalore 2006

More fellows are enrolling and more institutions are enrolling into applying for approval process. DNB in pediatric critical care

Pediatric section with IAP has been active in getting the approval process for DNB in pediatric critical care medicine, which is near completion. It is going to be a two year DNB program in pediatric critical care medicine.Thanks to the effort of all the leaders of pediatric intensive care in the country.

Guidelines for pediatric intensive care units have been established published in 2001 january issue of Indian pediatrics as well as the Indian journal of critical care medicine for all who would like to start a new PICU .

Participation in 11th Annual conference at Nagpur feb 2005

Conference had 150 pediatric registrants who attended joint neonatal and pediatric sessions pertaining to critical care by world authorities on neonatal and pediatric critical care.

opics such as pediatric Sepsis, ARDS, Mechanical ventilation, Surfactant therapy, full workshops on pediatric mechanical ventilation and pediatric advanced life support were included .

Pediatric section had active participation in developing ISCCM End of life(EOL) guidelines by incorporating the pediatric input.

Regular contribution in editorial activity as well as article contribution in IJCCM

Membership drive

The pediatric section membership is increasing, and needs constant on going effort. The setion founded in year 2000, has now more than 200 members. Membership forms can be downloaded from the ISCCM web site at

Pediatric intensive care update and workshop

Feb 19-29th 2005 pediatric intensive care update and workshop was conducted, at IP Apollo hospital, Delhi with renowned national faculty with packed auditorium with enthusiastic audience.The feed back included a continued percieved need for hands on training and observership programs in PICUs at national level in different regions of India, in addition to the workshops and case discussions.

April 16th 2005 Pediatric Current perspectives on Pediatric Sepsis, Delhi A Symposium with Dr Jerry Zimmerman, professor of pediatrics and pediatric critical care, Seattle childrens hospital, Washington USA(editor of famous textbook of pediatric critical care.)In collaboration with ISCCM(Delhi chapter)

Global issue of pediatric and neonatal sepsis as well as newer advances in sepsis therapy were discussed in plenary sessions, interactive case discussions in light of surviving sepsis campaign guidelines.

Pediatric critical care meetings.

April 17th, 18th Pediatric intensive care update, Nagpur
World federation of intensive care Societies 9th Annual Congress 2005, August 27-31
buenos Aires Argentina IAP intensive care chapter Asia Pacific conference Pune Nov 2005
NCPCC bangalore Nov 2006