ISCCM DAY – 2017
Poster competition on "Organ Donation: A Gift for Life"

Dear all,
We thank and appreciate members participation in ISCCM Day poster competition.
We are pleased to announce following results of ISCCM DAY – 2017 poster competition.

  • First Prize- Rs 10,000
  • Dr. Pradip Vaid
  • Second Prize – Rs 7,500
  • Dr. Saurabh Kole
  • Third Prize – Rs 2,500 each
  • Dr.PratibhaToal
  • Bincy RHC Pune
  • Pooja Pratapan
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar
  • Dr. Vilas Khushare
  • Dr.GunjanChanchalani

Hearty Congratulations to winners!

With warm regards

Dr. Kapil Zirpe


Dr. Yatin Mehta

President- Elect

Dr. Subhal Dixit

General Secretary

Dr. Rahul Pandit

Treasurer and Chairman, ISCCM Day Committee